3rd Grade Trip to Bronx Zoo

By Justin Cameron

One day we had a trip to the zoo.  “I want to see the tigers,” I said. Once we were there, we were walking around not knowing where we were but then there were sea lions.  Everyone stopped and looked in the tank. The sea lions sounded like they were saying “uh- oh.” Then our teacher heard a voice. “Hello, Hello,” our teacher said. That person said “I am your guide for the zoo.” She took us to a room and told us to sit. After, she told us to be gentle because she was bringing animals. She went into a room and took out an animal. It was a cockroach that hisses. She asked if any of us would like to touch it. Some people said no but I said yes. It felt bumpy and it felt good. I asked, “where  you can find it? “ She said “Madagascar.” “Cool, I need to go there,” I said. Finally it was time to leave the room. We went to an exhibit where there were more animals. One of them was a crocodile. It moved like it was trying to break the glass. The next animal was a lemur. It was time to go. My teacher said  that was it was time to go.  “Aw man,” I thought. My favorite animal was the crocodile because it was staring at us. I enjoyed going there. Next time I go there, I want to see the tigers.


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