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Is social media killing your reality life?  It is almost like an addiction.  Well let me introduce you to the very first ADIC. ROBOT.  This robot can sense when you use your phone a lot.  All you have to do is put your phone on the robot for an hour, and BOOM!  The robot is now fully attached to your phone.  Every time you use your phone for over an hour, the phone says that you should get off it.  Now you may be thinking okay well I just won’t get off my phone.  HAHA!  Nice try!  If you try to be sneaky the robot will turn off your device for 3 hours.  The robot also can also compare how much you have been on your phone from before to now.  I hope you get more into the real life, and not the pixelated one.



The Smart Oven!

 By Grace Hughes These days, there’s a lot of technology, so why don’t we use it to invent real life helping creations, not just computers, and phones? We should invent an oven, with a mind of its own! Lets say … read more

P.C. Potato Companion

by Lavender Reynolds and Allison Kwait Have you ever needed a companion or needed some information or needed a warm hug? Your Potato Companion (P.C.) also known as Pico, will be your new best friend. It even yodels! What could … read more

Invention Torpedeos

By: Erik Lanzer Jordan Liu and Justin Cameron  We have been thinking about a new invention, Torpedeos! Torpedeos are a different kind of Doritos. They look different and are a little bit unhealthy and healthy. Torpedeos are spicier than Takis. They are … read more


By Claura Feng Did you ever want to teleport? Try the new invention, teleporter!  There are 3 reasons why. The first reason is that it is faster than cars, biking, or walking. If you need to go to school very quick, … read more

Animal Translator

by Jacob Kwasniewski and David Paul Would you like something that can translate what your pet says? Well we want to invent an animal translator. The purpose of the animal translator is to translate what animals say. It can be … read more