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Animal Facts with Justin

hiby Justin Cameron

Today, with facts with Justin, we will be learning about the snow leopards. Snow leopards are almost extinct, so it is very rare to see one. They look like leopards, but they are white. (You might confuse it with an albino leopard.) They have sharp claws to rip their prey. They scratch trees to mark their territory. Cubs are born blind, and don’t gain sight until they are “nine years old.” Snow leopard’s tails are about 80 to 105 centimeters long.Well this is the end of snow leopards with Justin. Hope you liked it.

Aliens Attack!

By: Aidan Marte When it was 2:30 p.m., there was a U.F.O that hit half the state with their laser beams!  There were lasers everywhere!  Tons of people were dying from their torpedoes.  When they were hit, they came out.  There … read more


By: David Mamonov and Joshua Saikin Have you ever sat in the computer room during free time and say, “Man, what should I play?”  Well I got a game for you!  Ladies and gentle tanks, let me introduce you to a multiplayer game called,*drum role … read more

P.S 205’s Artistic Walls

By Grace Hughes Have you since the beautiful wall art on the halls of P.S.205q? Well, they are fantastic, beautiful, and amazing! Our school’s art is breathtaking compared to all the other schools in Bayside, New York! You’ve got to see … read more

Candy… Good Or Bad

By: Amarah Alaniz and Adrian Perez Is candy good or bad?  Some say yes, others … say no. Why no? Well, this is why we’re writing this article. Candy is loved by people with sweet teeth. Mostly kids are in … read more

Minecraft Multi-Player

By David Mamonov Did you know that Mine Craft multiplayer is another way of experiencing the world of gaming? In the server you can play op also known as over powered prison break. The way you play is you do /kit starter … read more

Lego is the Best Toy

by: Aidan Marte and Jacob Kwasniewski Lego is the best toy because it helps your building skills.  Also, it makes you think how to build the structure.  It also helps with your color sight so you are not color blind.  Also … read more

Dinosaurs vs. Robots: Part 4

Dinosaurs vs. Robots! By Jordan Liu and Erik Lanzer But, the dinosaurs were also reproducing Toby and Bobert. They  got nuked, but dodged it and survived. The robots were angry especially Bob, Bobert’s cousin. So, Bob kept telling his minions to bomb their base until they got to the core of the … read more