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Odell Beckham Jr: The Star

odell-beckham-jr-13-of-the-new-york-giants-lBy Maximillian Spencer

Odell Beckham is a football legend for the Giants. Here’s his story.  The game was in November 2014. There were 14 minutes and 52 seconds left to the game.

He is sprinting towards the touchdown line. He is being dragged down by a cowboy player named Manning, who threw the pass. He dived for the ball. He felt the ball hit his one hand as he dived in the touch down line. A year later, everyone was sick and tired about hearing about that catch and so was he.  But they kept talking about it. He caught the ball with 3 thingers, bending over 90 degrees. Odell is a great player, but nobody ever saw that amazing catch coming. The pass started with a fake handoff, then he started scrambling and threw the ball for his last attempt of a play. When he thought it was a wasted play, he noticed the crowd shouting in excitement. It was an extraordinary moment for the Giants and a sad moment for the Cowboys.

Harriet Tubman

By David Paul Harriet Tubman was born as a slave.  But when she grew up, she became very famous. When she was young, she was often called Binti.  In her lifetime, she freed 300 slaves!  She had to go back … read more

All About Dinosaurs

By Justin Cameron Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. Dinosaurs ate leaves and meat. Some eat both. Did you know a chicken is like a dinosaur? They’re related to each other. Did you know lizards are very small dinosaurs? After dinosaurs … read more

Forest Fires

By Andrew Zayfman Forest fires are very dangerous. They can destroy national parks in just hours. They kill people and most likely animals. Forest fires can start when trees get too dry from the sun. People can be careless and … read more