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Guilty Pleasures

  By Daniel Batashoff Sometimes don`t you just feel like a sugary, salty, soft treat? I know I do. There are so many different types of good tasting, but sugary foods. Some aren`t too sugary but some are. Here are some of … read more


By Adrian Perez We live in Queens, New York. There are fun places to see and go. Here are some facts about Queens: Area: 178.3 (461.7 km2) Population: 2.296 million Unemployment rate:5.4% Rivers:Fushing River The Flushing River, which historically is … read more

The Demon Puppy Part 2

By: Allison Kwait Previously on The DEMON Puppy: Part 1…, they hit Fu Fu and ROVER… When Rover and Fu Fu died, Rover was awarded The Award of Honor and Bravery. Now, everyone remembers him as a HERO. Meanwhile, Prince … read more