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How to Deal With Siblings

By: Allison Kwait

Hi, my name is Allison and if you have a hard time dealing with your siblings, here are some tips.

1. Younger Siblings

  • Don’t help them with ANYTHING if they don’t ask you to.

Once I tried helping my younger sister, with homework and she didn’t ask me!  Jennifer went CRAZY!!! And I’m not kidding, she started screaming and yelling at me for NO reason!  So, NEVER I mean NEVER help a younger sibling with something they don’t ask you to!

  • Try to avoid them when they’re MAD!

My younger brother, Matthew was in “Time Out” and I tried to calm him down… That went no where!  He started crying and hitting me until I ran away!  Then, he told on me and I was in trouble- deep TROUBLE!!!

2. Older Siblings

  • If you argue with them and you have a reasonable explanation, you won’t get in trouble.

This time, I observed my cousins.  They were arguing and my younger cousin got away with it because she was SMART, but my older cousin… well, he was GROUNDED for a year!  My older cousin made an excuse, but my younger cousin told the TRUTH.  So, she was okay.

  • Don’t make them MAD!

I talked to Andrew Zayfman and he told me that once,  he made his brother MAD and his brother made a pitbull face.  And he marched toward Andrew.  Now whenever Andrew plays soccer and he gets a free-goal, his brother says, “NO IT’S NOT!!!”

Long story short, don’t mess with your siblings!


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