Monthly Archives: June 2015

Summer Poem

By Erik Lanzer, Claura Feng, and Herbert Ford

Green Trees,
Summer Leaves,
Bumble Bees,
Pollen Seeds,
Fun at Beach,
There are tons of thing you could see,
We are free,
That is all you need!



About My Teacher: Mrs. Gurin

By Jordan Liu My second grade teacher is so nice. My teacher’s name is Mrs.Gurin.  Mrs.Gurin lets us do fun activities. When we pay attention to her then we get to do a fun excercise on Go Noodle, a website.  Mrs.Gurin … read more

Living the 4th Grade Life

By: Andrew Zinzi                                      sitting.                                    watching.                                    listening.                                    living the life of 4th grade                                    writing.                                    working.                                    solving.                                    living the life of 4th grade.                                    celebrating.                                   congratulating.                                   leaving.                                   living the life of 4th grade! read more

The Isle of the Lost

By: Adrian Perez Did you know that Disney villians had kids? Well, if you don’t know, this book review will help you understand what I mean. The Isle of the Lost is an island, (isle means island, in case you … read more

Basketball Scrimmage

By: Amarah Alaniz On Friday, May 29th, we had a celebration for the 60th anniversary of our school. On that same day we had our spring concert. After lunch, we went to the gym. Unfortunately I had to watch a … read more