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By: Amarah Alaniz and Herbert Ford

On May 21, 2015, the girls and boys basketball team played a game against P.S 26.The game was very challenging, but we won. The boys won by 2 points and the girls won by 11 points. In this game, people kept getting hurt. There was a girl on the other team who played backcourt defense when I had the ball. Players cannot do this.  They played as an awesome team, but we were better than them. For the girls C team, it was unfair because the center player was so tall and she hurt my leg! The rest of the teams were fair. The girls best player  was GRACE HUGHES. The best player for the boys team was TONY BACON (ANTHONY PIGNATELLO). If you haven’t heard of them you better come meet them because they are great players.

Tomorrowland Review

By Maximillian Spencer Tomorowland is an action-packed movie that I think will get very good reviews once it comes out on May 22. If you manage to stumble upon the trailer, there is only one word for it: EPIC. From what … read more

My Encounter with Bigfoot

By Andrew Zinzi One day, me, Nate, and my dad went into the woods. We went looking for Bigfoot. Since my dad was a kid, he has gone looking for Bigfoot every day. He found foot prints and hairs. So Nate … read more

The Weed Mugwort

BY: AMARAH ALANIZ There are many different types of weeds in North America. The weed that is most common and the worst to me is Mugwort. Mugwort is the worst because it continues to grow everywhere. To have a garden … read more

A Life of a Second Grader

By Odelia Yin In second grade,my teacher, chose a star student.  The star student  did the morning meeting. Then we went back to our seats.  The teacher said that we needed to take out our Unit 5 books. Then, the teacher told us what page that … read more

The Best Game: Mortal Kombat X

By Rohan Israni The best game ever is Mortal Kombat. Now you must be thinking: “What? That is not true.” But it is. Mortal Kombat X was created by Netherrelm. The mobile app is free only on ios devices, ipad … read more