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New Year’s Resolution

By: Brianna Stewart Want to try a new rule for the New Year? By rule I mean, NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION! In case you don’t know what a New Year’s resolution is, it is a rule that you follow after the … read more

Top Gifts for Girls and Boys

By Grace Cao Christmas is coming! Would you like to give special gifts to family menbers or friends?I have some great ideas!Girls like diffrent gifts. Do you have a sister who expects you to give a good gift?Look no more!                  … read more

Reena's Poetry Collection

Snow The great clouds had let it out The soft, white flakes showering down The children shouting, The adults pouting   Turkey As the turkey runs, I run, As the turkey screams, I scream Soon, it’s on my dinner plate, … read more

Top free apps


Top free apps for Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grade By: Erik Lanzer Pre-K Kids’ Academy: This game has firefly tracing, alphabet sounds, and ABC games. Kindergarten Ultimate Flash Sonic: Sonic is a very fun game for kindergarten. Sonic has all … read more

Animal Fun Facts


By Claura Feng An adult toad eats at least 100 flies a day. A mole can dig a tunnel 300 feet long in just 1 night. A domestic cat can outrun Usain Bolt. The common octopus has blue blood. Cows … read more

Our New School Mascot


Spotlight on Rohan Israni Our New School Mascot By: Adrian Perez Me: How did you become mascot? Rohan: Well, actually I was trying out for the basketball team, but I didn’t get on the team. Mr. Blum gave me an … read more

New York Giants Debate


The New York Giants are the Best! By Grace Hughes TOUCH DOWN for the New York Giants! The quarterback for the New York Giants is the amazing Eli Manning! Eli Manning is a very talented player on the team. The … read more