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A Myth: The Mystery Sounds of the Bathroom

By Andrew Zinzi

Every time I step into the boys’ bathroom I hear a blood curdling cry. No one is sure if there is actually a ghost in the school. Some say it’s the radiator. Others say the school has rodents, or maybe it’s the pipes. Some people even think it’s the toilet exhausting.

But do not worry; if there is a ghost, it is trapped inside the bathroom forever. I think it is the toilet either exhausting randomly or it is over clogged with too much toilet paper.

It could be rodents because they could be crawling through the pipes and making an echo. There could be something in the pipes and it could be trying to get through. Also, the urinal could have toilet paper in it and is clogged or maybe it has a leak and the sound is echoing.

In my opinion, I think the toilet is clogged and it is exhausting out loud. You might think differently, but that’s what I think. Thanks for reading!scary1

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