13 Interesting Facts about George Washington


By Max Kuliyev

George Washington was born on February , 22 1732. George started school at age six and stopped at 15 to become a surveyor because his mom couldn ‘t afford to send him to college.He married a woman named Martha Dandridge Curtis.She was a widow and already had two children[the names were Jackie and Pasty]. At six feet and  200 pounds, George was one of our biggest presidents. George’s favorite foods were cream of peanut soup,mashed sweet potatoes with coconut, and string beans with mushrooms.He bred Blood Hounds and gave them strange names such as Sweet Lips and Tarter.When he was 57 he had all his teeth pulled out because he got toothaches for several years.His fake teeth were made of rare hippopotamus ivory.He has been losing teeth since he was in his twenties.George died in 1799.He was the only president who didn’t run for president and still won!! Washington is about 284 years old!