Dinosaurs vs. Robots: Part 4

ThingDinosaurs vs. Robots!

By Jordan Liu and Erik Lanzer

But, the dinosaurs were also reproducing Toby and Bobert. They  got nuked, but dodged it and survived. The robots were angry especially Bob, Bobert’s cousin. So, Bob kept telling his minions to bomb their base until they got to the core of the dinosaurs base so, the dinosaurs wouldn’t be able to reproduce any more. So, Bob’s minions finally got to the core of their base to make them stop reproducing. By that time, there were only 30 robots and 30 dinosaurs left. They fought, and fought until the last remained: Toby, Bobert, and Bob. Somewhere else in a secret government area someone named Ultra Maniac (dinosaur and robot) was in there watching the dinosaurs and robots fight and wanted there to be only one species (dinosaurs and robots combined obviously).

Who will win? Find out on dinosaurs vs. robots!


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