School News

P.S 205’s Artistic Walls

By Grace Hughes Have you since the beautiful wall art on the halls of P.S.205q? Well, they are fantastic, beautiful, and amazing! Our school’s art is breathtaking compared to all the other schools in Bayside, New York! You’ve got to see … read more



By: Aidan Marte & Erik Lanzer is a game where you are cannons trying to shoot other cannons. You start as the worst cannon, the original cannon. As you shoot blocks, you gain EXP, and after you shoot every … read more


Having a Job

By: David Paul Having a job can be very difficult.  I don’t have one, but I still know what it is like.  It can be difficult because you may not know much about your task.  Also, you might have to … read more



By Grace Hughes Do you love the Super Bowl and puppies? Well, then I think you’ll love the… (Get ready for this!) Puppy Bowl! It features puppies playing one of America’s favorite sports: football! It’s so adorable with the puppies … read more

Trends & Tips


BY: JOSHUA SAKIN Is social media killing your reality life?  It is almost like an addiction.  Well let me introduce you to the very first ADIC. ROBOT.  This robot can sense when you use your phone a lot.  All you … read more


Star Wars: The New Hope Movie Mistakes

By: Adrian Perez Star Wars: The New Hope Movie Mistakes Do you remember the so-called 4th movie Star Wars: The New Hope?  If yes, read this article to find out some things you might’ve not noticed. First of all, the … read more